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Ibuki Therapy


Inoue Muhen, le moine qui a crée l'Ibuki Therapy Japanese Zen Monk Inoue Muhen (1904-2000) is the founder of the technique. With his constant practise of Buddhist principles and the huge devotion with which he healed people, he developed this therapy after long years of study and thanks to the experience and knowledge gained from his extensive travels.

Here there are some of his quotes wonderfully illustrating his philosophy:

"If we want to get something, if our little will forces itself to reach a target, it will be very hard to get it. On the other hand, if we drop our desires, really useful things for us will offer to us naturally and by themselves; it is a part of a law."

"Two identical things can't exist: everything changes constantly; even our body's cells regenerate themselves while time goes on; we think to be a fixed entity, rooted, but we really transform ourselves constantly, we belong to the future. By the way, often our ordinarily limited conscience does not allow us to detect all this; so that's the attachment to a picture, a thought, a habit, sometimes inflict us sorrow and sufferance."

"My Therapy does not follow any logic and theory; it is enough to blow where the pain is and it will change."

Zenit Relax, Ibuki Therapy à Lyon ! The technique


It is enough to blow on the affected area 21 times and repeat that 21 times this same operation.

The breath also allows to disperse deeply energetic blocks. Untying knots at the origin of pain, energy freely flows.


Blowing on an acute area like this, frees blockages in energy and old tensions begin to loosen up and release!

The body and mind completely relax and sometimes one may burst into tears, or shivers and tremors can be felt throughout your body like clouds in the sky. Energy is transforming, stimulated by the breath.

When the body reaches complete relaxation, it starts an autonomous procedure of "self-healing".

Also, the practise is good for the practitioner too, because with a gentle and natural blowing, he improves his respiratory capacity, strengthen hara (the human energetic gravitation centre) and improves his connection with external prana (universal energy).

Very tense because of a period of professional exams, I called several times Stefano who dispensed to me Shiatsu massages, and used on me Ito-Thermie.
I felt a real wellness sensation after these sessions, gaining in quality of sleep.
(Christine, Lyon)

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Ibuki Therapy course

one person (private course)
two or four persons (ordinary course)

After the course you will have learnt:

  • Once upon a time... Master Inoue Muhen
  • The breathing pressure
  • Being attentive to the breathing (own breathing and others breathing)
  • Mastering the Ibuki Therapy

  • If you have a free and clean adequate place, the trainer may move to that place.
    In case of private course € 15 will be charged by moving to Lyon or Villeurbanne, or € 30 outside.

    Otherwise, you have to chose a place among the places proposed after your reservation.

    The course costs 80 euros.

    If you charge yourself to organise the course (find the calm and clean place where to run the course and bring at least 3 other persons participating), you will benefit from an Ito-Thermie session for free.

    The course lasts between 3 and 4 hours.

    - Which clothes have I to or may I bring?

    No particular cloth is needed, although is recommended to bring comfortable clothes, preferably in natural fibres (cotton, linen...).

    - What do I need to bring?

    A little towel is needed; a bath towel, a cushion and a cover for people who prefer practise on the floor.

    - What will I have ready to use after the course?

    You will have a path letting you to provide wellness for your relatives.
    It is also the base on which you can build your formation in the field.

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