Japanese relaxation with Italian accent.
Stress management specialist.

Sleeping like a newborn

Are you tired to start your day hardly because you don't sleep well?
Sessions will give you a global relaxation: you will be more calm and you will feel more light and that will improve the quality of your sleep.

Easily solve problems

Evacuating your spirit as you empty your computer bin, you will be able to host new informations and you will be ready to have a look to the old ones with a new point of view.

A new way to look at life

Don't stay at an impasse, prisoner of your pains and tightnesses! Gaining in wellness, you will be able to change your perspective to face the life in another way.

Carpe diem !

Specific sessions for people needing to take the right decisions at the right moment (lawyers, CEOs, managers...).
Discover how to increase the efficiency at your workplace.

From zero to hero!

Specific session for Police officers, Firefighters and EMS service.
Decompression sessions for burnout prevention.

Several disciplines to make your life better

Stefano: a professional at your service

Since 2006 hundred of persons have confidence in me.

In Lyon, several are the professionals, especially in wellness and management domains, who called on my proficency to re-balance theirselves to be efficient in their practise again.

Curious by nature, I love to exchange with masters and colleagues to experiment different disciplines with the aim of include them in my sessions.

Always a good listener, my method consists in working on causes with a view to annihilating pains and sorrows, in a route à deux towards the same aim: I help you to initiate a self-healing process.

I am, actually, the only professional of Ito-Thermie in Lyon and the only Ibuki Therapy instructor in France.

Re-discover the pleasure to sleep all night long every night!




Lyon 8

Belmont d'Azergues Pierres Dorées

Customers feedback...

Multilingual Stefano radiates calm and will realign you with his magic hands. He specialises in shiatsu massage, Ito-thermie and Ibuki therapy and offers sessions chez vous as well as in his studio.

A welcome treat after a long day travelling. (My French Life)

Le meilleur praticien du shiatsu sur Lyon : grande expertise et gentillesse extrême. J'ai eu l'occasion à plusieurs reprises de tester le savoir-faire hors pair de Stefano, alors que j'├ętais bloquée de partout. Les résultats ont été immédiats et durables. Bref, je recommande chaudement !
En plus, son nouvel espace est très agréable, et facile d'accès en tram... (Agnés, Lyon)

Stefano has been an incredible presence to find in Lyon. He always takes the time to discuss things with me & explain what I've experienced. As a movement practitioner myself it is wonderful to be able to discuss things with someone with such deep and real knowledge of the body.
After treatment with Stefano I always feel lighter, brighter and more belonging in my own skin; I highly recommend his work to all. (Anna, Lyon)

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